Welcome to Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering

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Priyadarshini’s Center Of Excellence (PCOE)


PCOE aims at empowering and synergizing human resources to achieve excellence in one’s life and in the process improve the quality of life of others. It acts as a catalyst in the journey of self-exploration to self-empowerment through its unique training programs. It has mainly two wings:

  1. Soft Skills Training Department: Training for students
  2. Human Excellence Department: Training for faculty members and working professionals


Soft Skills Training Department

Introduction: Most graduates display excellent theoretical knowledge but when it comes to critical thinking, problem-solving, communicating and articulating, they lack basic analytical skills required for a job. NASSCOM-McKinsey report has said, “Currently only about 25 per cent of technical graduates and 10-15 per cent of general college graduates are suitable for employment”.


Training objectives:

  1. 1.To develop core competencies required for the industry such as communication skills and collaboration, leadership, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, personal management, the ability to work in teams or groups and leadership effectiveness.
  2. 2.To develop general awareness of the facts, forming an opinion, articulating and presenting it in a manner that is appealing to the listener.
  3. 3.To enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude so that they become acceptable to the industry and bridge the gap between industry and institutions.

Methodology: Highly interactive sessions, delivered through use of audio-visuals, videos, role plays, case studies, activity worksheets, brainstorming, group discussions and training games.

Assessment and follow-up: At every level

Trainers: Well qualified and highly experienced full time trainers.




Course Title


Level I

1st Year

Soft Skills Training (SST)


Level II

2nd Year

Employability Enhancement Training (EET)


Level III

3rd Year

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)


Level IV

4th Year

Campus to Corporate Training (C2C)



Soft Skills Training (SST):

Soft skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well in a job. It aims at overcoming Stage Fear, Developing Confidence, Communication Skills, Public Speaking Skills and Setting SMART Career Goals.

Employability Enhancement Training (EET):

EET cover topics like: SWOT analysis, Effective Self Introduction, Group Discussions, Team Work, Resume writing, Interview Techniques, FAQs, Mock Interview, Grooming and Body language.

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT):

     Aptitude test is the first step to placement drives. Aptitude tests comprise of core skills in the ……………………………(till the end)…………………………………………. mock interviews.