Welcome to Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

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The department has well established infrastructure and facilities to meet all the requirements for the range of programs it is offering. All the laboratories are well equipped with necessary hardware and software resources to meet the curriculum requirements and provide opportunities for additional learning. The well trained and experienced technical staffs of the department are ably supporting the students in the teachers’ efforts to impart vital practical skills. With all these facilities and resources, the department is able to focus on industry-specific skills and impart the same. The department also has its own library which contains a variety of learning materials which helps the faculty members to enhance their knowledge for Teaching-Learning process.

The various laboratories available in the department are as given below:

1. Communication Electronics Laboratory:

 Lab. Incharge : Prof.R.S. Lonkar

Communication Engineering laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signal. The students here start in the analog area by constructing the circuits of amplitude modulation, frequency modulation and phase modulation, PAM, PWM, PPM. Also in digital area by constructing and verifying the circuits of PCM, Delta Modulation, ASK, FSK, PSK, DPSK, QPSK, Error Correcting Codes etc.


Equipments :

  1. Function Generators and Cathode ray Oscilloscopes
  2. RF Signal Generator
  3. Various Analog /Digital Study and Trainer Kits
  4. Digital Storage Oscilloscope.


Communication Electronics Lab

2. UHF and Microwave Laboratory:

Lab. Incharge : Prof. V. R. Barwat


In UHF and Microwave Laboratory the students are exposed to the various advanced Microwave test benches which includes the microwave active devices like klystron, gunn diode and passive devices isolator ,circulator, magic tee, directional coupler, horn antenna, attenuator, terminations .The students perform all the experiments as prescribed by the university.


Equipments :

  1. Klystron Based Setup
  2. Gunn Based Setup.
  3. Various Active and Passive Microwave Component
 UHF  Microwave Lab

3. Adavanced Microprocessor Laboratory:      

Lab. Incharge : Prof.P.V. Puranik


Adavanced Microprocessor Laboratory helps the students enhance their knowledge about various processors such as 8085,8086, microcontroller 8051 and also the interfacing of these processors with other equipments. Students develop their skills in the field of microprocessor and its applications. The features and facilities available in this lab will help the students do their projects and enhance their knowledge about the latest trends and technologies.

Equipments :

  1. Intel 8085, 8086/8088, Microprocessor kits(Anshuman)
  2. Interfacing Cards for Process applications
  3. 8051 Micro Controller kits with PC Interface
  4. Various Co-processor kits


Advanced Microprocessor Lab

4. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory:

Lab. Incharge : Prof.P.V. Puranik

The Digital Signal Processing applications are becoming more prevalent in every day use. The field of DSPwas developed due to the flexibility offered by the use of digital computers in implementing signal processing algorithms and systems. There is a constant need for designing systems with lower power ,higher speed and lower area. The DSP lab is equipped with personal computers. The students enrich their knowledge by using the software tool MATLAB..

Equipments/Softwares :

  1. Personal Computers
  2. DSP Processor Kits
  3. MATLAB Software



5. CCN Laboratory:

Lab. Incharge : Prof. V.V. Shirpurkar

The students enrich their knowledge about various networks and networking devices by using the software tool NS-2.

 Equipments/Softwares :

  1. Personal Computers
  2. Routers
  3. Switches etc
  4. NS2 software.